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Just the Two of Us

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The front door slammed; the tyres squealed.
Off we drove, smiles unconcealed.
Been a long time coming, this short vacation,
this downing of tools, this gratification.

The traffic was heavy; we crawled along,
heading out country, away from the throng,
the radio blaring some frivolous tunes,
singing along in the Friday night fumes.

Out past the suburbs, down the slow road,
hugging the highway, in holiday mode.
Turned off our mobiles, loosened our shoes
Hello relaxation; goodbye to the blues.

At last we were flying; the highway was clear,
the sun sinking slowly, our hearts in high gear.
Began reminiscing the days of the past,
things of no longer, and things that still last …

the way we would load up our old beetle car,
that took us on trips to the near and the far,
first just ourselves, then with children in tow.
But the children grew big and the car didn’t grow.

And now here we were, with the children all grown,
just the two of us off for a weekend alone.
No longer a beetle, our car was more sleek,
with very few rattles and barely a squeak.

Off down a lane-way, round a slight bend,
our lodgings before us, our drive at an end,
I reached for my mobile, and typed in the code,
put us back in connection, but in silent mode.

© Copyright Ellen Carr 2015