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Remembering, Never Forgetting

sunrise 2

A salt breeze wafts in from the bay,

Stirring the leaves, rattling the awning.

It whispers the start of my day,

The magnificence of its dawning.


A gull soars high on the breeze,

Dipping low, skimming a breaker.

The sun sprinkles light on the trees,

The dawn-flushed gold of our Maker.


I stand on the wash-rippled sand,

Watching the sea, hearing its roaring,

Each movement is at His command,

His marvellous power underscoring.


I have freedom to stand on this shore,

Living my life, trusting my safety.

Knowing peace in my land, and not war,

Because of the ones who fought bravely.


Through the years many carried their guns,

Tramping the land, sailing the ocean,

Leaving homelands, and their little ones,

For nation and God their devotion.


As the sky turns from coral to blue,

I’m singing His praise, knowing His blessing,

I rejoice in this fine morning view,

Remembering, never forgetting.


© Copyright Ellen Carr 2015