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But Who?

jigsaw-its-still-puzzling-meDazzling beauty greets us

as we lift our gaze

to grandest mountains,

watching soft clouds drift

across a sapphire sky,

as a great hawk soars overhead.

But who is the artist?


Symphonic sounds rise together,

piercing the silence

of the morning light,

heralding joyous life,

a bird-song of movement,

and natural melodies.

But who writes the music?


Minute creatures crawl the ground,

slither and creep around

on tiny stomachs and legs,

weaving their silken webs,

or trailing silvery lines

in fine precision.

But who is their designer?


In intricacy or grandeur,

in whispers, or roaring waves,

the microscopic, the gigantic,

tiny feelers, or highest peaks,

all is in order,

all follows a plan.

There is One who oversees it all.


The jigsaw is fitted together,

so nothing is out of its place,

each piece the design of the Maker,

fashioned in detail by His hands

to take its place

in the glorious world,

sustained by His wisdom and care.


The mystery of the beginning,

the puzzle of how things will end,

in the hands of the loving Creator,

are ordered, secure and sure,

in His big plan

for all of time.

The puzzle is complete.


Dandenongs Forest

Aust forest attribution 25988487590_78e04f9aa2

Green is not a single colour
Its myriad shades forest the hills,
thicken the valleys.
Statuesque white trunked gums, grey-green,
knock knees with dark-hued myrtles 
and ragged dogwoods.
Tree-ferns fountain their fronds
from knobbly brown-black trunks.
This is the forest.
This is tranquility. 

Somewhere water babbles.
Tiny birds converse and call
in timbred whistles.
Strident cockatoos cry and circle,
as a distant kookaburra chuckles.
Breezes tickle the leaves.
Branches sigh their gentle mirth 
as treetops sway in dance
against the cloudless sky.
Movement and song.
This is a symphony.
  © Ellen Carr 2016
photo credit: <a href=”″>Pigeon Mountain – yesterday</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;