Daylight Saving

clock alarm file0001940583173

What did you do in your house last night?
Did you sort out the clocks and get them all right?
Did you fix up the microwave, stove and TV,
turn their clocks on so their times all agree?
Did you work out the way to change each device,
which buttons to press or to tap once or twice?
Did you alter the wall clock and bedside alarm,
the clock in your car and the watch on your arm? 

Then, after you'd done all that changing of clocks,
did you check out the fire alarms and all the locks?
Did you get yourself moving, and early to bed
so you'd wake bright and chirpy, not grumpy instead?
Did you leap out of bed with a sense of delight
that somehow the morning still seemed like the night?
Did you think of the power you'll be saving each day,
now Daylight Saving has come into play? 

Or did you get sleepily out of your bed,
wondering why you were feeling half dead,
remember the reason and, with a sigh,
wish you could wave Daylight Saving goodbye! 


© Copyright Ellen Carr 28-9-17 (The day before Daylight Saving started here.)



7 responses to this post.

  1. Still enjoying one more month’s daylight saving in sunny Spain.
    But not light till 8.00 in the morning!


    • Sunny Spain sounds wonderful! Better keep away from Barcelona though. I’m surprised they’re still on Daylight Saving there. It must go for a long time. Enjoy your last month there!


  2. Posted by Sarah on 09/10/2017 at 8:28 am

    A very clever poem 🙂


  3. What a fun poem. We don’t have daylight saving in South Africa, but I remember getting caught out in England — couldn’t understand why all the shops were closed when I went shopping!


    • Thanks Dave. In reality Daylight Saving is a good thing – longer evening light, saving of power usage. But the changeover, even though only one hour of difference, takes a little bit of adjustment.


  4. This was lovely ❤


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