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The Mailbox

Today I am sharing this lovely poem and artwork  by J E McWhinnie, with his kind permission.


The Mailbox
by j.e. mcwhinnie

At the far end of the dusty road,
where the farm gave way to the highway,
at the corner of the fence of the northwest forty,
where the letters of life were exchanged.


Here on a post, weathered and leaning,
in a box of rust and wire,
here where a flag did rise and fall
where the mailman came to call.


There at the juncture of a farm and a world,
there where a left-handed car did pause,
there where the wares in their catalogs came,
there at the end of the lane.


Then one fateful day the young boy left,
then the mailman came no more,
then when the farm turned sad and fallow,
and oh, how I miss it so.