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A motley crew, we wait and pray.

The Master's gone. We wished he'd stay.

The Baptism, the promised power,

is coming soon, the awaited hour.

Pentecost. We're all together,

A violent wind, noisy weather,

blows inside, a mighty sound.

Tongues of fire spread around,

rest upon each person's head.

Our voices speak, Spirit-led.

We speak in words of unknown tongue,

men and women, old and young.

A traveller come from far away,

hears his language on that day.

He understands. The words are clear,

a simple message to his ear.

Jesus Saviour, Lord of all,

great Messiah. Heed his call.

Brother Peter takes the floor,

tells the Good News, stirs up awe.

Calls repentance. Be baptised.

Receive the Spirit, the gift so prized.

Thousands listen, turn around,

to follow Jesus, freedom found.

A Church explosion, mighty acts,

prayer and praise. Amazing facts.

© Ellen Carr 2016


Your Mother – a new Mother’s Day poem (Click on the arrow to hear the poem.)

This book is on special

Glimpses of Light: Stories of imagination and hope

Here’s another Mother’s Day bargain. This anthology of stories and poems around the theme of light, written by members of Christian Writers’ Downunder, is selling at a special price right now.

Two of my poems are included in this book, along with some wonderful other poetry and stories. I highly recommend it.

Here’s the link to it on Amazon: