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Dandenongs Forest

Aust forest attribution 25988487590_78e04f9aa2

Green is not a single colour
Its myriad shades forest the hills,
thicken the valleys.
Statuesque white trunked gums, grey-green,
knock knees with dark-hued myrtles 
and ragged dogwoods.
Tree-ferns fountain their fronds
from knobbly brown-black trunks.
This is the forest.
This is tranquility. 

Somewhere water babbles.
Tiny birds converse and call
in timbred whistles.
Strident cockatoos cry and circle,
as a distant kookaburra chuckles.
Breezes tickle the leaves.
Branches sigh their gentle mirth 
as treetops sway in dance
against the cloudless sky.
Movement and song.
This is a symphony.
  © Ellen Carr 2016
photo credit: <a href=”″>Pigeon Mountain – yesterday</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;



My poetry book free for 48 hours

My poetry book, SHOES OFF, FEET UP: POEMS OF EVERYDAY LIFE AND FAITH is available free for 2 days, right now, as a Mother’s Day treat.

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One Holy Weekend

I’m a little late for Easter with this Easter poem, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

Cross and bird DSCN5192

One Holy Weekend

Earth and Heaven met, and thunder roared.

Dead men walked, and leaden darkness fell.

He hung in gross indignity, God’s precious Son.

The universe convulsed, a touch of hell.


The Lord of light and loving turned away,

And for a moment dark and evil reigned.

Disciples cowered, depairing women wept.

A futile death it seemed, and nothing gained.


Then Sunday morning history changed its course.

Death defeated, Christ the Saviour rose.

The sacrifice complete, for our rebellion,

Salvation’s way, the deal brought to a close.


Rejoice, sing joyful praise because of Easter.

Walk as children of the living King.

Celebrate God’s gift of deep renewal.

His living water changes everything.


© Copyright Ellen Carr 2016

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