Uninvited Guests

picnic file000250766038

Table set, places to sit.
Guests arrive, barbie lit.
Then the wasps swing by,

A flurry for covers, cans of spray,
furtive eating, looking each way,
for the wasps are here,
despite it.

Yet there’s water to drink, food to eat,
more than enough. We are replete,
though the wasps hang round,

Praise for our table, cleared of its scraps.
Thanks for our friends, as we now relax,
now the buzzing wasps
are quieted.

© Copyright Ellen Carr 2015


2 responses to this post.

  1. To see the picnic reminds me, you all are in summer. It makes me long for the season. Right now, we’re 20 degrees in North Carolina and expecting another blizzard in February. Ah well, there is sledding. I love your poem. The ending is perfect. But wait. No wasps in winter. Never mind. Maybe I should want to stay in the cold. 🙂


    • Thanks, Robyn. Unfortunately European wasps were introduced accidentally to Australia and they have become a huge pest, disrupting our outdoor eating. I sympathise with you having such cold weather and bilzzards. Brrr! Sledding must be fun. I’ve never done it! It doesn’t snow here in Melbourne, only up in the highlands, in winter. Blessings, Ellen


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