Without a trace (Episode 2)

The Missing Postbox – Episode 2
Last night 2 local people stealthily placed two posters (see below) on the pole next to where the missing postbox used to be. By the time they went past this morning, at about 9 am, the posters had disappeared! So, the plot thickens. Who took the posters? Was it the same person/group who took the postbox? Was is a humourless local council worker, Australia Post fighting back, or who? Any ideas?

Here’s the poster, followed by the poem, slightly updated from my previous version.


Without a trace

The sturdy bright red postbox

on the corner of the street,

come rain or shine or thunder,

so welcoming and neat,

disappeared one week day.

We never heard it go!

Tore up its concrete roots and went,

with nothing left to show.

For years it stood accepting

epistles by the score,

envelopes and parcels

from people rich and poor.

A pillar box of permanence,

as neighbours came and went,

keeping safe their payments,

and letters that they sent.

It stood through years of changes,

as postal charges soared,

as stamps became a luxury

we little could afford.
Endured the indignation

as email traffic rose,

put up with competition,

and Facebook, I suppose.

I went to post a letter,

in my usual way,

and found our much loved postbox

had simply gone away.

A mystery surrounds it.

We don’t know where it went,

nor why it chose to leave us,

or what its leaving meant.

We’ll miss our local postbox,

maybe more than most.

It’s such an inconvenience.

Not happy Aussie Post!

©Ellen Carr 2014

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