Going Deeper

Jesus on water 2

Jesus walks on water

and he calls me out

to where my feet can’t touch the ground.

Out past the familiar,

in the shallow zone,

to where the water moves and swirls.

I’m treading water deep,

I’m thrashing round.

I’ve lost my grip and my control.

My mind is tumbling, rumbling,

my heart is grasping, gasping,

my stomach’s churning, turning.

His hand’s stretched out to me.

He’s standing firm.

His gentle voice says ‘Come’.

Beyond theory and theology,

I know the possibility,

the power of his divinity.

I’m concentrating, hesitating

I’m stalling, falling,

I’m thinking, sinking,

He gently takes my hand,

buoys me up,

gives me breath and hope.

I’m walking at his side,

defying darkest depths,

in deepest, direst seas of life.

I’m with the one who made the seas,

who stirs the storms,

who calms my struggling soul.

He stills my raging storms,

quiets my soul,

leads me out to deeper things.

.© Ellen Carr 2014


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love being led out to deeper things…


  2. Thanks, ‘The blogging disciple’. I agree, but with the deeper things come the bigger challenges. But, it’s worth moving out there with His support. He wants to move us out there.


  3. This was a very powerful read! Thank you – always a fan of going deeper where we find the simpler things so desperately needed as we are always seeming to struggle with what appears to be so complicated when we just have to trust and believe in the face of fear.


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