The in between

When twilight shines its dimming light
and houses start their gleaming,
as the sun sinks westward and the night
heads us towards our dreaming,
the melancholy gloam descends
and shapes of menace darkly loom,
where air begins and solid ends
bewildered in the evening gloom.

The twilight is a restless time
of in between and not quite there,
from daylight’s light and daylight’s prime
to darkness’ hold and darkness’ lair.
Unsettling time when thoughts of home
tug our hearts and make us yearn
for settled hearth, no need to roam,
for warmth of fire and embers’ burn.

It is the time when cold sets in,
when homeward is the only way.
This is a time for kith and kin,
time not to go, but time to stay.
As darkness fills the window panes,
and dinner scents are in the air,
when little outside light remains
our cosy refuge place is there.

The world is in the in between
awaiting its renewal,
to Kingdom fullness, yet unseen,
more perfect than a precious jewel.
Though we’ve been made a new creation,
been redeemed, absolved of debt,
in the now of our salvation
we wait the glory of  ‘Not Yet’.

When darkness will be banished
and His presence lights the earth,
the twilights will have vanished,
fulfilment comes of our rebirth.
That day will never have an end,
and restlessness will be no more.
Home and haven He’ll transcend
with peace like never known before.

© Ellen Carr 2014

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