The roses are smiling


The roses are smiling,

overflowing their bushes,

rejoicing in the heat.

Their colours of extravagance

boast their resilience,

their fragrance so sweet.


Everything else is withering,

scowling at the skies,

longing for elusive rain.

The roses raise their heads,

proud in their defiance,

oblivious to our pain.


Tomato plants struggle,

tree fern fronds turn brown

as the summer scorches.

We slow down our living

to the must be done

and solace in shady porches.


But the roses thrive on

with watered feet and dry leaves,

delighting our weary eyes.

Their exquisite scents,

their divinely planned hues

make our praises rise.


To our God of the garden,

of the world deep and wide,

we bring our praise,

for resilient roses

so perfectly formed,

for your creative ways.


© Ellen Carr 2014


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