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Ruffle my thoughts

Shadows moved by breezes

splash sunshine,

tease the light.

Boughs bend a little,

don’t break,

ruffle the leaves.


Ruffle my thoughts.

Bend me a little,

don’t break.

Splash my soul

Let your light

push in.


© Ellen Carr 2012


Praise for funny things

It’s funny

how beloved tunes

send shivers up my spine,

how worshipping in song

connects with the Divine.


When sunset clouds ignite,

when roses’ scents delight,

my spirit, still and quiet,

rejoices and takes flight.


It’s funny

how a full-grown man

weeps at a baby’s birth,

how its tiny hand surpasses

every other hand on earth.


When waves pound on a beach,

when fifty parrots screech,

when clouds swirl out of reach,

it’s a sermon without speech.


It’s funny,

how beauteous things

make faces smile,

how intricate things

our minds beguile.


When lightning cracks the sky,

when thunder booms nearby,

then rain pours like a sigh,

it’s a gentle lullaby.


It’s funny

how every single thing

is God’s creation,

how every breath of life

is revelation.


When sunshine warms my skin,

when loved by friend and kin,

when praises rise within,

my thankful prayers begin.


Praise for funny things,

the joy that each one brings.

My heart within me sings.

I soar on eagles’ wings.