From memories made in country lanes

trees once climbed and raspberry canes

summers lying in the shade

grassy lawn and ferny glade

guard your heart.


From thoughts of tables richly laid

from childhood games that once were played

bonfires burning, fireworks’ glow

homely pleasures’ status quo

guard your heart.


From mournful songs and others’ wrongs

guard your heart.

From seasons past and die that’s cast

guard your heart.


Look to lock your heart away

insulate it from today

build a moat around its wall

lock its bridge from one and all.


From harrowers and people pain

keep your heart from hurt again

fill your days with work and spin

let no emotion suck you in.


File the past in ‘Used to be’

keep the present loose and free

guard your heart from things of now

erase the thoughts you won’t allow.


Keep God’s pilgrims well at bay

seek not prayers, nor to pray

make your face a fine veneer

radiating hope and cheer.


From godly clans and Master plans

guard your heart.

From prayer for peace and stress release

guard your heart.




Until the Spirit’s Sword of Gold

strikes the drawbridge from its hold

penetrates the guarded heart

tearing its defence apart

brings it to its shaking knees

offering the balm that frees

lifts its eyes to God above

floods its ramparts with His love

guard your heart.


From shuttered soul and self-control

unguard your heart.

From cloistered heart and no life chart

unguard your heart.


To memories past enjoyed again

that seasons spent were not in vain

your present cares are cast on Him

and rising fears begin to dim.


Let His gracious freedom flow

let your heart, unshackled, grow

let His sentries guard its door

His powerful love invade its core.


Unguard your heart.


© Ellen Carr 2012  (Published in FaithWriters Magazine January 2013)


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