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Does it help?

Does it help to know

that someone

is always worse off

than me?


Does it lift my gaze

from navel

to the wider world



Does it sweep my soul

and wash me,

reset my focus



Does it capture my thoughts

to petition

with true thankfulness

my God?


It should!

© Ellen Carr 2012



Let’s make pearls

A little irritation
an intrusion
into my molluscan world,
my self-contained,

A foreign entity,
has invaded
my oyster window
of opportunity,

Instinctive reaction,
mantle action,
nacre oozing out,
the intruder.

Like a spider webbing
its captured insect,
and layering
its body over,
I wrap it round,
and round again,
enclosing it.

Its point of pain
now dulled, subdued,
is covered
in slow layers
of pearl.

From irritation,
my agitation,
a contribution
to the splendour
of God’s world.
A pearl,
of great price.

A fine adornment,
a gleaming jewel
for a royal throat,
in elegance,
catching light,
in pearly sheen
a delight.

My irritation,
my cruel invader,
made new.
From infliction
to benediction.

Our irritations,
thorns in flesh
may make us bitter,
be a quitter,
steal our joy,
our minds employ.

Or be change agents,
building mettle
moulding pearls,
from sows’ ears,
from vexation
to soul food,
growing grace.

Let’s make pearls.

© Ellen Carr 2012

A slow walk on a fast day

A slow walk on a fast day

when vehicles zoom and fume,

to turn left when the world turns right,

to meandering

in the bird-call park

with the wind-rustle trees.


A downturn on the spiral track

where the upward movers climb,

to turn from the chance of a higher plane,

to the dancing

on the sanity path

of sufficiency’s grace.


A considered style in the fashion stakes

when the messages call for more,

to lock avarice out when it calls to me,

to frugality

and the simple peace

of less meaning more.

© Ellen Carr 2013

The Banquet

Golden goblets grace the board, brimming bowls delight,
silver shimmers, rubies gleam, in glorious streaming light.
As many as the universe’s countless twinkling stars,
the multitudes are gathered now from myriad bazaars.

From every nation they have come, from every race and line,
to take their honored banquet seats, and here together dine.
Their heads are crowned with beauty, their garments made for praise,
the righteous in the kingdom of the everlasting days.

They’re waiting for the Worthy One, the one that they adore.
A reverent hush descends on them, a peace of grace and awe.
The people rise, all heads are turned, the King is coming in.
A Hallelujah Chorus sounds from all salvation’s kin.

“Worthy, worthy is the Lamb.” They bow to honour him.
“You will reign forever more.” The banquet can begin.
The finest meats are carried in on jewelled platters fine,
the goblets filled right to the brim with richest, long-aged wine.

The place resounds with laughter, as feasters young and old,
partake of every delicacy, of morsels hot and cold.
Such flavours indescribable, cuisine beyond compare,
rich and savoury tastes divine, for it is royal fare.

Upon the mountain of the King disgrace has fled away,
tears are wiped from faces on this long-awaited day.
The billions at his table are feasting on his grace,
Omega time has come to pass, they’re gazing at his face.

© Ellen Carr 2012

“On this mountain the Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine – the best of meats and the finest of wines.” (Isaiah 25:6, NIV)
“…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” (Isaiah 61: 3, NIV)

It’s a risk


It’s a risk to put your life
into the hands of God.

Human-wise it is mad
to give up your control.

It’s a risk to put your plans
in the control of God.

It’s a leap of mortal faith
eyes wide
hope supplied
to truly follow Him.

Deep within us there’s a place
spirit seeking Spirit.

In our souls a restless ache
for the joy of Him.

He took the risk, gave His life
impaled upon a cross.

Drop your guard and welcome Him
as Saviour and as Lord.

Let His love take over your
wilful life, as King.

Let his Spirit take control
sweet inner peace embed.

Take the risk to offer him
your mind and soul in love.

Follow in His adventure
along His perfect way.


© Ellen Carr 2012

Online, off line


Powered webby networks

pipe their on-line call.

Foiled blondes change status

for friends on Facebook wall.

Update, update!


Pen-palling twenty twelve

with ghostly virtual faces,

celebrity found on-line,

heads in many places.

Update, update!


I-phone, you phone all,

texting triviality,

birdlike twitter posts

mock conviviality.

Update, update!


Coffee conversations,

taking time to sit,

animated faces,

soul lights lit,

feel great, feel great!


©Ellen Carr 2012