The man who sat alone

Shoulders slumped

he sat alone

in borrowed coat

on seat of stone.

His eyes were old

his stubble grey

people looked

then looked away.

Tattered life

in plastic bags

his home was here

his clothing rags.

I passed him by

in business suit

spent my day

in wealth pursuit.

Then rushing home

I passed that way

saw him there

same place all day.

He greeted me

in cheery tone

wished me well

(I checked my phone).

I almost missed

his muttered word

‘God bless you ma’am’

(My spirit stirred).

I paused my step

I turned his way

(His eyes were blue)

my feet were clay.

I gave a coin

I asked his name

I thanked him as

I hid my shame.

I’d passed him by

without a thought

careless of

what Jesus taught.

He ministered

into my soul

he sparked a fire

he lit a coal.

The spark burned on

a passion new

burned in me

burned and grew,

Moved my goal-posts

changed my ways

changed the shape

of all my days.

Jesus cracked

my heart of stone

through the man

who sat alone.

© Ellen Carr 2012


2 responses to this post.

  1. Very moving!


  2. Superb, truly! Cuts right to the heart.


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